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The First Communion is a great event in the life of every child, as well as its family. This day is a very big responsibility for  parents. There is a lot of things to do and organize before communion party. Important thing is, to do not, in the heat of preparation, lose this,  what is the most important in this day.


The First Communion is a challenge. Parents have to meet the expectations of the youngest ones, and satisfy other guests. Therefore, the best is to instruct the preparations to the professionals, which will take care of every detail. When organizing the communion party in the Tatarscy Hotel you can be sure that both, the child and guests will have a great time and will remember this beautiful  day for a long time.


Thinking about your needs, we have prepared an offer that contains all necessary elements to celebrate this special day with your family. We will take care of elegant and haute cuisine and quick and troublefree organization of this special day. We have three halls, for forty, sixty and one hundred and fifty people. There is also a lot of beautiful places for taking photos – Tatarscy Hotel is situated in the pleasant setting that encourages for outdoor activities.