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The car for the wedding

Your wedding is for us as important as for you!

Remember this when choosing an appropriate car for this occasion.


Choosing a car is one of the most important things when planning the wedding. In this special day, you start the journey to the new life. The mean of transport you are going to choose is very important.


The best day of your life deserves the best service. If you already have chosen the date of your wedding, bought a dress and suit and booked the premises, it is time to choose right wedding car.


What you should expect is the fact that, we will care of every detail – the car will be modern and luxurious, clean inside and outside and the transportation will run smoothly and safely. Our service is always polite, professional and helpful.


Audi A8 D4 long

The Audi A8 D4 long is a pride of the Tatarscy Hotel. We are professionals and we are experienced. Entrusting us the organization of wedding transportation, you can be sure that, everything will be done perfectly.